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By Joan Wipperfurth, Fit and Free Health Consulting What could you do starting today to show yourself more self- compassion and self-nurture? You can choose to set an intention to add more joy to your daily experience.  Grab a pen and paper and start making a list of things that you’d like to see become […]

The Power of Connections

Do You Know the Right People? And Do the Right People Know You? By: Marci Malzahn Connections are powerful. I love to hear the stories of business partners who start by saying, “we were buddies in high school” or “we’ve known each other since we were in elementary school” or “we were roommates in college.” From […]

Profile of an American Medical Traveler

Have you ever wondered what the typical medical traveler is like? Or wondered what motivates them to travel for medical care? The answers can be quite varied – and often depend on the circumstances the individual is coming from – but there are some trends that we can observe overall. Here’s a look at the […]

24 Hour Rule 

One lesson I’ve tried to passed along to others, was one that I had to learn myself, and sometimes the hard way – the 24 Hour Rule. Throughout my leadership journey, I realized I was a bit reactionary. If I was a poker player, people could easily read my cards with just my body language. […]

Starting 2016 Well

After the feast comes the reckoning, the saying goes. Every New Year many of us analyze what we must change to improve our life quality.  The two categories that almost always top the list for health reasons are increasing physical activity and eating healthier. Focusing on lifestyle rather than on exercising and dieting, is often times […]

5 Tips for Facing Your Networking Fears

  It’s odd to think that all the skills you used when you were in middle school and high school and maybe college to navigate the lunchroom and parties hold true in business. Yet, they do. Imagine you are a new student, walking alone into a middle school lunchroom. You might wonder where to sit, […]

Vendor Management: Do You Really Know Your Vendors?

I would like to continue my post from last week on the topic of Vendor Management and how vital vendors are to the success of every organization. If you missed last week’s article, you can find it in my LinkedIn Posts: “Vendor Management is Key to Staying in Business—Any Business!” Through the years I have […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

It’s that time of year again, when we resolve with best intentions to do things differently in the new year. As I look forward and think about our growing organization, I thought I’d share some of my leadership resolutions with you. Read, adopt, adapt or recycle—it’s up to you. Manage by wandering around. As an […]

This is Why Your Team is Struggling

You think you’ve done all the right things. Set up the right systems to make the work easy.  Hired the skilled people to do the work and meet the standard.  You’re the right kind of leader; encouraging, motivational, supportive. But your team is struggling. Why? The inability to resolve conflict. Don’t poo-poo this. Conflict comes in all shapes […]