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5 Tips for Facing Your Networking Fears

  It’s odd to think that all the skills you used when you were in middle school and high school and maybe college to navigate the lunchroom and parties hold true in business. Yet, they do. Imagine you are a new student, walking alone into a middle school lunchroom. You might wonder where to sit, […]

Vendor Management: Do You Really Know Your Vendors?

I would like to continue my post from last week on the topic of Vendor Management and how vital vendors are to the success of every organization. If you missed last week’s article, you can find it in my LinkedIn Posts: “Vendor Management is Key to Staying in Business—Any Business!” Through the years I have […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

It’s that time of year again, when we resolve with best intentions to do things differently in the new year. As I look forward and think about our growing organization, I thought I’d share some of my leadership resolutions with you. Read, adopt, adapt or recycle—it’s up to you. Manage by wandering around. As an […]

This is Why Your Team is Struggling

You think you’ve done all the right things. Set up the right systems to make the work easy.  Hired the skilled people to do the work and meet the standard.  You’re the right kind of leader; encouraging, motivational, supportive. But your team is struggling. Why? The inability to resolve conflict. Don’t poo-poo this. Conflict comes in all shapes […]

5 Ways to Ask Your Network for Help

One of the most interesting aspects of my work with business owners is to see extremely talented, smart and accomplished leaders hesitate to ask for what they want from their network. And I use the term “network” loosely, as it could be people they’ve worked with for years or people they just met yesterday. Yes, […]

Managing the Holidays When You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

By Megan Bearce, LMFT Are you or someone you know in a long distance relationship or commute so far that your only quality time together is on the weekends?  For these couples, the holiday season can bring added stress and overwhelm. You might wonder why that is. Wouldn’t they be excited to spend more time together? The […]

Succession Planning – Is It Only for the CEO?

When we think of succession planning, we immediately think of the CEO and/or President of a company. And that is crucial to have in place or at least for the Board of Directors to have documented discussions about their succession plan. However, part of enterprise-wide risk management is to think of the entire company as a […]

Lean In, Lean Out—What’s a Woman to Do?

I was born too late to have been inspired by the wave of the feminist movement led by Gloria Steinem and her contemporaries, and I wasn’t wearing a bra yet when women were burning them. The origin of the feminist movement can be traced back to the 14th century when Christine de Pizan, a French […]

Why REI Closing on Black Friday Rocked Our World

It never fails to happen. November 1 hits and I’m bombarded with Black Friday sale announcements.  And it’s not even the typical big-box stores.  It’s the small businesses and solopreneurs who are buzz building, too.  One of the Facebook groups I belong to had a giant thread telling everyone to post their Black Friday offers. […]