But have we? When I look at my personal bookshelf, I count more than 20 titles having to do with women in business, including:

These authors, all of them notably expert in their field, encourage women to embrace their femininity, be one of the boys, lean in, rethink the rules of the game, and so on. Has anyone besides me noticed that there aren’t many books out there on how to be a man in business? Or are all other leadership books dedicated to our male counterparts by default?

Having been a woman in business for more than 25 years, and a reasonably successful one at that, here’s what I know and believe:

  • Men and women are different from one another—biologically, physiologically, psychologically and neurologically
  • All humans are deserving of equality, regardless of their similarities or differences
  • Women and men are likely to be most successful when playing to their unique strengths and leveraging their own capabilities
  • If you are in a work environment or role that demands something of you other than who you are, move on.

Fifteen years ago, my executive coach shared a quote that I’ve never forgotten: “Leadership is authentic self-expression that adds value.” It doesn’t matter what your chromosomal structure is—define success on your own terms and lead from your heart.