Sarah Betts- Young Professional Panel

Founder, Betts Hand Technologies and ViEx Community Outreach Program; Inventor and Owner of Two Patents

Sarah Betts is a senior in high school from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and an inventor and owner of two utility patents. Sarah has invented an orthopedic medical device called the ViEx®, which benefits patients who suffer from arthritis, strokes or other hand injuries. Athletes, musicians or anyone who wants to improve grip strength, hand function and joint pain can also benefit from the ViEx®.

Three reputable orthopedic clinics now use the ViEx®, and a fourth, Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm, recently began using the ViEx® to use with their own patients and to conduct collaborative research on a worldwide basis. Patient Innovation of Portugal has also selected the ViEx® as an exhibit in 29 different countries throughout Europe from 2016 to 2018.

Sarah is the founder of Betts Hand Technologies, a company she hopes will help many who suffer from debilitating hand conditions. She also started a community outreach program which provides ViEx® devices and services to the elderly and others who are homebound or cannot afford to go to a clinic.
Sarah is a gifted violinist with national conservatory honors, captain of the alpine ski racing team, president/founder of the science club at her school, and enjoys spending time with family and friends.