By Joan Wipperfurth, Fit and Free Health Consulting

What could you do starting today to show yourself more self- compassion and self-nurture?

You can choose to set an intention to add more joy to your daily experience.  Grab a pen and paper and start making a list of things that you’d like to see become normal parts of your life.  Then actually schedule some of these things on your calendar so that 3 months from now you are actually doing things that nurture your life.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

     *  Start a gratitude journal and every night write down 3 things that you are

         grateful for that day..

     *  Learn to say ‘No’ to some things so that you can say ‘Yes’ to more important


     *  Eat healthy meals and snacks for better energy.

     *  Unplug from electronics for a few hours, or better yet, a whole day to enjoy

        some quiet.

     *  Start a bucket list of things you’d like to do while on this earth.

     *  Go to the beach or someplace natural that makes you feel peaceful.

     *  Catch up with an old friend.  Add more social gatherings to your calendar.

     *  Watch a funny movie if you’re feeling lonely to lift your spirits.

     *  Get rid of the clutter in your home.  Open spaces will make you feel calmer.

     *  Take a yoga class.  Yoga is a mind-body-spirit workout that helps you feel


     *  Go to the park and watch some toddlers play.  Their excitement for life will

        make you smile.

     *  Drink lots of water.  Sometimes fatigue is really just dehydration.

     *  Experiment with different kinds of tea.  Enjoy them hot or iced.

     *  Go dancing with friends.

     *  Create a vision board on a big poster board.  Cut out pictures of things

        you’d like to have as part of your life.  Dream and have fun with it.


(Excerpt taken from my book, “Reaching your Potential:  5 Steps from Surviving to Thriving” available at: or at