1. Create a list of top ten words that will connect with your audience/reader. (Not sure, put in #hashtags to see what other authors are using. #book, #ebook, #yourkeywords
  2. Pick at least two social media outlets to be active on at least three months before book launch.  This could include blogs, Linkedin, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.  The sooner you can develop and build relationships the better off you will be.
  3. Post 3x a week about your book. Sample content includes:
    1. invitations to book launch events,
    2. sharing of reviews or endorsements,
    3. information about the author,
    4. articles about your topic,
    5. excerpts from the book,
    6. pictures from the book or of the author,
    7. links to your website.
  4. Interact with other authors in your category.  Authors will support each other.
  5. Write reviews on amazonBarnes and Noble and other book sites of books like to yours.
  6. Post a blog sharing your excitement for your book launch and a few interesting facts about the book.
  7. Repost any media coverage you receive in the early stages of the book launch. And as you receive book awards, repost this information.