Set up the right systems to make the work easy.  Hired the skilled people to do the work and meet the standard.  You’re the right kind of leader; encouraging, motivational, supportive.

But your team is struggling. Why?

The inability to resolve conflict.

Don’t poo-poo this. Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes and impacts individual success more than you think.

It’s not likely that you have your own version of the Ultimate Fighting Championship going on in the office.  We’re talking more about the teeth-grinding, pulling-my-own-hair-out kind of conflict.

Conflict is almost always about communication.

Imagine this scenario: Bob is not a details guy.  He just wants to reach the goal. Fred is a details guy.  He manages those details so that the goal can be reached.  But if they can’t understand how the other needs to hear and/or receive information, it will cause conflict.  That conflict might be frustration and misunderstandings, which might lead to lost time and efficiency.  It’s even possible you might not reach the end goal.

Here’s another picture: Bob and Fred can’t swim in the open water by themselves and be part of the team.  They need to be in the same ship, crewing together using their unique advantages to be successful.

Resolving conflict means learning to understand the languages within your team.

Optimizing your team’s success is syncing up the ship’s crew for smooth sailing. Even in choppy waters, this kind of crew works together as one for an easy ride.