WaveMakers are pioneers in their field who are respected by their employers and/or peers. They demonstrate outstanding leadership and serve to help the Minnesota business community, while helping women achieve their own goals. Help us celebrate, recognize, and support those who have made a profound impact on our community!


Awarded to a woman who is making waves in her community, profession, etc. either through demonstration of an outstanding achievement, demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit and initiative or through leadership within their profession or the community.


Awarded to a woman who has excelled in a typically male- dominated profession or industry. She is a trail-blazer; she inspires and encourages others to have a similar impact.


Awarded to women who make giving back to the community and/or youth a top priority in ways that promote the development of others, either through their work or through volunteer efforts.


Awarded to women who consistently make a profound impact on the trajectory and advancement of other women’s careers. 


Presented to a woman who emulates all of the award categories. Her legacy inspires individuals and organizations to pave the way for future leaders.

About eighteen years ago, a co-worker and Jody knew the way they were working didn’t make sense. They discussed their concerns and frustrations but knew more needed to be done. “Speaking up and questioning the status quo was one of the best decisions I ever made,” stated Jody.

They launched an experiment at Best Buy that created a radical and disruptive culture change. Their experiment caught the attention of several prominent researchers who collected data to help them discern how to work to lead to the best outcomes for the organization and the people they employ. Through this experiment in the workplace, they developed the Results-Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™). ROWE is a management strategy that shifts the focus from time spent at work to results.

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