Our donation drive this month helps determine our 2023 impact, and we want to impact as many women and young girls as possible! You may be familiar with what TeamWomen does for leadership development, but you may not be familiar with how TeamWomen supports our community.

We’re raising $3,500 to support our community outreach initiatives. Can you help us crush this goal?


Backpacks for Kids

In partnership with the St. Paul Police Department, we have already provided 75 backpacks for kidsand we want to send more!

In 2021, about 600 children entered foster care in Hennepin County alone. There is significant racial disparity across the foster care system, too. In Hennepin County, where over half of the children are white, 60% of the system is comprised of multiracial and Black children. (The Imprint)

Often, children are abruptly removed from their homes to be placed in foster care, and when that happens, each will receive a backpack, blanket, and a few other comfort items. We want to help each child feel comforted as they make their journey through foster care.


Annual Holiday Cheer

We also partner with the St. Paul Police Department to bring families some much-needed Annual Holiday Cheer. TeamWomen committee members and SPPD (including Sgt. Fuzzy! 🐾) come together to shop for gifts for the families who would otherwise go without. We wrap and deliver, and we love to see the smiles on the kid’s faces! Often, the families we help are single-parent families, and the parent’s focus is never on what they want for themselves; they only care about the joy of their children.


Memberships and Scholarships

It’s no secret that the pandemic significantly impacted women professionally and has impacted youth in various ways. Before the pandemic, access to affordable and quality childcare was challenging and has only become more so, keeping millions of women out of the workforce. Our additional initiatives include memberships and scholarships for those who could usually not attend our events, Empower Leadership Academies, or join TeamWomen, due to cost, transportation, or childcare access.

‘Tis the season of giving, and it’s always the season of impacting! We have 2 easy ways to donate to help support our community initiatives. You can donate online here, or you can text LEADWITHHEART to 44-321!

Thank you for being such a rockstar community! 


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