Meet Our Team

Laura Adrian

Empower Coach | Retreat Facilitator, Speaker, and Author at Whole Life Elevation

Tricia Allenson

Founder & President, Limelight Marketing Systems

Lucie Jane Ashe

Senior Event Manager, Do Good Events

Kalsey Beach

President, Do Good Events

Laura Boyd

Empower Coach | CEO/Founder, Leadership Delta

Kiara Buford

Empower Coach | Director of Alumni Relations/NIL, University of Minnesota


Executive Director

Amy Butsch

Marketing Account Manager, Limelight Marketing Systems

Marian Candil Escobar

Program Manager, Empower Leadership Academy

Angela Gustafson

Empower Coach | Entrepreneur, Out of the Box, LLC/Gustola Granola

Katie Ladas

Proprietor, Kayak Consulting

Brittany McNicholas

Designer, Digital Marketer & Strategist, Limelight Marketing Systems

Nicki Nee

Empower Coach | Nursing Leader, Healthcare

Peyton Owens

Empower Coach | Senior Associate Athletics Director, Leadership and Inclusion at University of Minnesota

Cathy Paper

Empower Coach | President, RockPaperStar Inc.

Julieta Piox

Empower Coach | Founder, Latina Youth Leadership Academy | Executive Life & Leadership Coach, Julieta Piox Consulting

Rachel Prost

Event Manager, Do Good Events

Debbie Raleigh-Cragen

Operations & Marketing Coordinator, Limelight Marketing Systems

Barbara Schendel-Kent

Wizzy Wig Web Design

Reelika Schulte

Empower Coach | Founder, Design Dream Lifestyle


CEO, Common-Cents Bookkeeping

Kerik Stack

Designer & Digital Marketer, Limelight Marketing Systems

Emmilie Whitlock

Copywriter & Digital Marketer, Limelight Marketing Systems

Immediate Prospect