Empower Women and Girls to Reach Their Full Potential

At TeamWomen, we’re on a mission to empower women and girls to achieve their full potential. We foster inner confidence and provide essential life tools through leadership development, mentoring, and youth empowerment programs. Your donation helps us create a supportive community dedicated to personal and professional growth.

Propelling Professions Farther Than Thought Possible

TeamWomen serves as a catalyst for career transformation. We are proven facilitators of professional growth and achievement. Join us in empowering more women to climb higher and reach their full potential in the workplace.


of TeamWomen members experienced an increase in compensation in the past year!

Boosting Confidence, Empowering Futures

Nearly half of our members report a significant boost in confidence, a cornerstone of professional and personal success. This surge in self-assurance is key to enabling women to expand their networks, seek new career opportunities, and ascend to leadership roles. 

Your Donation Makes a Difference


Covers supplies for one Empower Leadership Academy attendee.


Covers the cost of a two-year TeamWomen membership providing access to more than 650 women mission-driven leaders.


Covers the cost of technology and supplies for our Mentor Program that pairs 100 mentors/mentees annually. Participants are also able to attend four networking events at no additional cost! 


Covers an Empower Leadership Academy (up to 50 participants in a 3-hour session) provides interactive leadership development for youth to learn and develop transferable skills.

40 Events Annually

TeamWomen events offer women a space to grow personally and professionally while connecting with hundreds of passionate women from diverse industries.

Mentor Program

The TeamWomen Mentor Program is a 6 or 12-month, mentee-driven offering. Not only does our program help establish accountability for the mentee, but also provides flexibility for the participants to tailor our monthly topics and discussion to best achieve their desired outcomes.

Empower Leadership Academy

Developing leadership, building confidence, and strengthening resilience requires education and practice. Empower Leadership Academy provides a safe and interactive environment to learn, grow, and develop for girls ages 10-18.

Join us in empowering more women and girls to climb higher and reach their full potential!

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