Be the Kind of Boss You Wish You Had.

Dealing with people is hard. Managing them is even harder…

That’s where TeamWomen Affiliate Partner Awesome People Leaders (APL) comes in! APL is an online manager program designed for anyone leading a team of people. That includes managers, directors, floor supervisors, team leads, scrum masters, and project managers. APL makes it easy for leaders to learn the skills they need to lead, manage, develop, and retain people!

New managers face a lot of new challenges in their first year, and they aren’t going to learn everything they need to know in 4-8 weeks, or even 12 weeks. Awesome People Leaders created their 12-month program to effectively support all challenges new leaders will face during a complete annual business cycle.

They combine the scale and accessibility of online learning with the nurturing, guidance, and support of an experienced business leader and a community of fellow learners.

Register for Awesome People Leaders 12-month program with code TEAMWOMEN and you’ll receive $100 off plus you’ll get a free 1:1 coaching session! Additionally, when you take advantage of a TeamWomen Affiliate Partner offer, you’ll receive free registration for 2 people to a TeamWomen event. (Excluding our Flagship Events: Leadership Conference, WaveMaker Awards, and Empower Gala)

If you have questions or would like to schedule a demo, please reach out to

Meet Heather Polivka

Heather Polivka has been a TeamWomen member for 2 years and is also on our membership committee. She works with businesses to accelerate growth by creating work environments where people thrive!


As she worked with companies and clients of all sizes, she kept seeing the same gap. A gap that was causing great talent to leave, and costing the business as a result: a lack of training and development for front-line and middle managers.



Heather developed the Awesome People Leaders program to address this gap. She used marketing savvy to make it simple, bite-sized and actionable. She incorporated HR knowledge for credible content. Lastly, she leveraged her experience working in a variety of work environments and leadership roles to make it practical and applicable.

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