Edith Young Joins TeamWomen Board of Directors

We have been fortunate to have Edith Young in our TeamWomen community since 2017, and now we get to celebrate her joining our Board of Directors! She is constantly cheering the TeamWomen community on, has also twice sponsored our WaveMaker Awards ceremony, and sits on both our Leadership Conference Committee and Membership Committee.

As a woman in the technology industry, serving as IT Supervisor for Hennepin County, Edith knows how vital it is to empower other women. Women in IT are paid less than their male counterparts and are not given as many opportunities to hold leadership positions. According to HackerRank, more than 20% of women over the age of 35 are still in junior positions. A Hired study found that men in the technology industry are offered the same job role as women, but they’re offered higher salaries for the same position 60% of the time and that 40% of open roles are not even requesting interviews with female candidates. 

When Edith began her career in 1997, she was fortunate to work for an exceptional Director of Operations at a small technology start-up who empowered her to use her voice and never settle for less than she deserved. The lasting impact of 1 person cannot be denied. Edith contributes her support and influence as part of the reason why she is who she is today!  

Edith drives to pay this forward by supporting and empowering women both personally and professionally. She has served as a Mentor for our TeamWomen Mentor Program and is passionate about building relationships and creating community. 


Edith has previously served on The Wildcat Sanctuary governing board and has also served in various positions for the Hennepin County WSTEM Employee Resource Group.

We are so thankful that Edith graciously brings her whole self, commitment, and passion to everything she does and we are looking forward to growing with Edith on our board!


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