Felicia Miller (left) and Gerilyn Giel

Felicia Miller & Gerilyn Giel: Creating a networking event that packs a real Punch

Nothing breaks down barriers quite like a game of jumbo Jenga. 

For that matter, nobody does jumbo Jenga quite as well as Punch Bowl Social.

And when it came to connecting a sea of 500 women– who, in case you’re wondering, nobody gathers quite like TeamWomen– partnering was an obvious choice. 

Say nothing of their Instagramable event spaces, their scratch kitchen bites, craft cocktails, or exceptional hospitality– Punch Bowl Social was a networking no-brainer because their values are closely aligned with what makes TeamWomen tick: helping women of all backgrounds rise to new heights. 

Punch Bowl Social and TeamWomen have been a dynamic duo for the better part of five years, but the real showstopper began two years ago when the entertainment company known for bringing people together hosted an event that packed a real punch. 

Creating conference connections

For the last two years, Punch Bowl Social has hosted a happy hour networking event to kick off TeamWomen’s annual Leadership Conference where mentees and mentors from the last cohort and all conference attendees are able to gather for Punch Bowl Social’s signature food, great drinks, and a chance to mingle and connect with other women before the conference begins. 

The event space includes high top tables for mingling and enjoying the food and drink, and interactive games like skee ball, goose ball, bowling, and corn hole to name a few. 

For Felicia Miller and Gerilyn Giel, Punch Bowl Social team members and networking soiree aficionados, this event is part of what they love about TeamWomen, which is why they structured the event with the conference in mind. 

“All the spaces are designed to eat, and drink and game in one area,” Felicia said. “It’s an easy way to get people involved because the space naturally lends itself to hosting networking events.”

Breaking barriers

TeamWomen membership includes women from every background– CEOs, VPs, women looking to make career changes, women getting back into the workforce, entrepreneurs, young college students. By creating a shared space designed to break down barriers, Felicia says, the Punch Bowl Social networking event levels the playing field and can strip away inhibitions that naturally arise around other working professionals. 

“These events are so impactful because some of that intimidation gets taken away and we stop thinking ‘Oh, that person’s unapproachable,” Felicia said. 

While some of that may be the magic of jumbo Jenga, the real magic lies in the membership and mission of TeamWomen and all the opportunities that grow from there. 

Looking for community

For Felicia, that growth has been blossoming for nearly a decade. Her journey to TeamWomen began 10 years ago when she moved to Minneapolis with her best friend. After settling into their respective jobs, both women wanted more opportunities to connect with other professional women. 

As fate would have it, it was a networking event shortly after moving to Minnesota that Felicia first heard about TeamWomen. Since then, Felicia has stayed heavily involved in TeamWomen. 

“The biggest impact for me so far has been the amazing people I have met through the community making true friends as well as great business connections,” she said. 

She’s also been empowered to take control of her finances after attending a series of events hosted by TeamWomen and UBS on how to “Spring Clean Your Finances.” 

“In the last few years I have really dug into what I need to do financially to be able to live my ‘rich’ life.”

With Felicia and Gerilyn’s active membership in TeamWomen, they’ll continue to embody the values of the organization as they help women rise and make genuine connections through social spaces. 

To find out more information on TeamWomen’s annual Leadership Conference here. For more information about events and other experiences at Punch Bowl Social, visit their website

TeamWomen is a premier professional women’s non-profit organization deeply committed to developing future generations of women in leadership. Membership includes 600 women from the C-suite to young professionals who work in a variety of key industries including business, corporate, sports, and civic organizations. Each year, we inspire women to make meaningful connections and rise together through 40 leadership development events, mentoring, and youth empowerment.


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