Heather Boschke: Navigating the Yellow Brick Road to Personal Empowerment

This year, we commemorate a significant milestone here at TeamWomen – the 13th anniversary of our annual Leadership Conference. Scheduled for May 8th, 2024 at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, this event has grown into a cornerstone for hundreds of professional women to absorb inspiring narratives from other influential female leaders. 

As a distinguished non-profit organization, TeamWomen is devoted to nurturing the next generation of women leaders in business. We currently have over 600 members ranging from executives to emerging youths who represent a vast spectrum of industries from the corporate sector to sports and business to civic organizations. 

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to inspiring our fellow women, fostering long-lasting connections, and collectively rising to greater heights. We accomplish all of this through our annual lineup of 40 leadership development events, the TeamWomen Mentor Program, and Empower Leadership Academies

For our upcoming Leadership Conference, we are excited to welcome visionary entrepreneur, Heather Boschke, to the stage as a keynote speaker. As the founder of Little Birdie Buddies, Heather will deliver a profound message to our attendees, urging women to unlock their true potential by exploring the multifaceted dimensions of their own identities. 

After spending 22 years in the corporate world, Heather made a shift to entrepreneurship. With an extensive corporate background spanning Fortune 20 companies to non-profit organizations, her experience, and professional trajectory are both testaments to her versatility and rich tapestry of skills. 

In 2021, she took a leap of faith and founded Vogel Venture. This strategic marketing consulting company’s purpose was to help small businesses. The unique name ‘Vogel,’ not only pays homage to her German heritage, but it also underscores her strategic “bird’s eye” view of marketing. Heather’s journey also took an unexpected turn towards creativity when she reignited her passion for drawing by creating the “Little Birdie Buddies” children’s book series. 

As an instructor of undergraduate marketing at Metro State, Heather is deeply invested in both education and sharing her knowledge with the next generation. She also has a soft spot for philanthropy as she serves on the board for Harley’s Hounds Dog Rescue. 

At the TeamWomen 2024 Leadership Conference, Heather will share her journey to self-discovery in her speech entitled “Following the Yellow Brick Road.” Her story is one of resilience, adaptability, and courage. As she takes the stage, attendees can anticipate a transformative narrative and a call to action to activate various aspects of themselves. Inspiring women to live based on their dreams, she aims to instill confidence in her listeners and help create a sense of belonging as they navigate their own lives. Every woman is different, and there is no one right way to go about life’s journey. Heather’s testament will showcase the limitless possibilities that unfold when a woman embraces her own unique identity, which leads to a life full of purpose, empowerment, and authenticity.

TeamWomen is a premier professional women’s non-profit organization deeply committed to developing future generations of women in leadership. Membership includes 600 women from the C-suite to young professionals who work in a variety of key industries including business, corporate, sports, and civic organizations. Each year, we inspire women to make meaningful connections and rise together through 40 leadership development events, mentoring, and youth empowerment.


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