Innovative In-Person Networking Creates Meaningful Connections

The professional networking landscape is shifting back to in-person interactions with a fresh, innovative twist. While digital connections will always have their place, the value of face-to-face interactions remains unmatched. TeamWomen is at the forefront of this change, embracing in-person networking that’s both meaningful and productive.

These are the networking trends you’ll see more of within TeamWomen and our community!

Niche Networking Events

TeamWomen’s niche-focused events bring together professionals from specific industries or with common interests, leading to more targeted and relevant connections. By concentrating on a particular theme or industry, attendees find it easier to engage in meaningful conversations, leading to stronger professional relationships. Join us at our upcoming financial empowerment events or Power Luncheons featuring prominent and influential female leaders, and grow your circle!

Interactive Networking Formats

Interactive networking events are gaining popularity, and this is one of our favorites! In 2023, our Spring Planter Party with Heidi’s GrowHaus was a huge hit, and we look forward to holding this event again in 2024. Interactive networking events encourage active participation and foster a sense of camaraderie among attendees, making it easier to connect on a personal and professional level. Plus, it’s a great casual way to network for more introverted people!

Casual Community Meetups

We love seeing our TeamWomen Members utilize our Facebook Members Group or Member Directory to plan small group walks around the lake or a casual coffee shop visit. These smaller, more intimate gatherings allow for deeper connections, offering a relaxed environment for professionals to connect without the pressure of large-scale networking events.

Purpose-Driven Networking

Networking events with a focus on social impact or community service are becoming increasingly popular. Attendees get the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and engage in activities that contribute to a cause. This shared experience of giving back can be a powerful catalyst for forming strong professional bonds. TeamWomen is a proud community partner offering multiple volunteer opportunities each year. 

Speed Networking Sessions

Taking a cue from speed dating, speed networking is an efficient way to meet a large number of people in a short amount of time. These events are structured to allow brief one-on-one interactions, giving attendees a snapshot introduction to each other. It’s a fast-paced, dynamic approach that can be particularly effective for busy professionals. You can see what speed networking is all about at our upcoming Speed Networking event with partners NAWBO-MN and St. Paul Chamber!

In-person networking is all about creating meaningful connections through innovative and engaging methods. From niche events to purpose-driven gatherings, the focus is on making networking more personal, enjoyable, and effective. By embracing these new trends, professionals can build networks that are not just extensive but also deeply connected and mutually beneficial.

We look forward to seeing you at TeamWomen’s upcoming events to create meaningful connections!


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