Meet TeamWomen 2024 Leadership Conference Speaker Jasna Burza

At the heart of our non-profit is our commitment to empower the next wave of female leaders. Our community of over 650 members encompasses women from the C-suite to budding professionals across various fields, from the corporate world and business to sports and civic roles.

Our primary mission at TeamWomen is to foster deep connections among women and help them ascend together in their careers and personal lives. We facilitate this through our line-up of 40 leadership development events, our TeamWomen Mentor Program, and Empower Leadership Academies.

In 2024, we celebrate the 13th anniversary of our Annual Leadership Conference on May 8th at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. This full-day event has become an essential gathering for hundreds of professional women seeking inspiration and insights from leading women in diverse industries. It’s the place for real connections, personal growth, and professional advancement. Each year, the conference inspires participants to harness their strengths, accelerate their career paths, and make meaningful contributions to their fields.

This year, we’re thrilled to welcome Jasna Burza to the stage!

In the world of personal development and entrepreneurship, few stories are as compelling and inspiring as that of Jasna Burza. Best known as a global thought leader, a best-selling author of “Healer in Heels,” and a speaker who has been recognized as “A Minnesotan to Meet,” Jasna’s journey from a war-torn childhood to a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of remarkable.

Her story begins in the backdrop of the Bosnian war of the 1990s. At just nine years old, she faced the harrowing experience of being sent to a refugee camp while her father was taken to a concentration camp. These were the darkest days of humanity she witnessed firsthand, yet it was here that Jasna’s indomitable spirit and philosophy of hope and empowerment started to take root. Despite the adversities, she believed in the light, a conviction that carried her through even the most challenging times.

Her life has been a testament to overcoming obstacles through sheer willpower and belief. Jasna faced infertility and child loss, yet her inner flame remained undiminished. She believes we are always exactly where we need to be, equipped with the tools to aid ourselves and others. This belief forms the cornerstone of her approach to life and work.
As a global business and life coach, Jasna Burza guides entrepreneurs in building thriving businesses and individuals to create fulfilling lives. Over 10 years of practice, she has helped her clients, ranging from community leaders to philanthropists, achieve remarkable success and fulfillment. Her strategies are not just theories but proven methods that have garnered international acclaim.

Jasna’s impressive credentials include a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and a coaching certification from Adler Graduate School, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her experience spans over 400 clients, thousands of groups, and dozens of audiences through her speaking engagements. Her consultation has been pivotal in helping hundreds of entrepreneurs not just start their businesses but scale them to new heights.

Jasna has been featured on various media platforms, including WCCO TV, KARE 11, Twin Cities Live, and Get Healthy U TV, where she shares practical, inspiring, and life-changing tips.

Register here to attend our 2024 Leadership Conference, and get ready to be inspired by Jasna and our incredible line-up of speakers.

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