Julieta Piox and Sarah Cozzi: A Mentoring Meet-Cute

Left to right: Julieta Piox; Sarah Cozzi; Julieta and Sarah at TeamWomen's Leadership Conference

Sarah Cozzi’s career was flatlining. She had just been laid off and was staring unemployment in the face. But she kept her eyes on the road as she drove to her first TeamWomen Mentor Meeting, all the while repeating the same name over and over: Julieta Piox. 

Earlier in the spring of 2023, Sarah had applied for the TeamWomen mentoring program. The dust from how COVID had upended the infrastructure of her life had started to settle and she turned back to what she and so many other women had shelved during those chaotic years: her career. 

It was a friend who had recommended the mentoring opportunity in the first place, but Sarah’s self-doubt almost stopped her from taking the initial step. She doubted anyone of her age-group would be participating in the program, making her, she feared, unmatchable. It wouldn’t have been the first time her a-typical career path had thwarted her ambition. 

Nevertheless, Sarah persisted. 

Even after being assigned to a mentor, Sarah still experienced doubt and that doubt– ever the shapeshifter – was about to transform. Once the assignment was made, Sarah leveraged her Internet sleuthing skills to find out more about her mentor. What she found was a kind-faced entrepreneur whose background touted a seemingly-endless list of board service. 

“My worry flipped and I thought ‘Holy smokes, I am out of my league here!’” Sarah told TeamWomen. 

Sarah clicked the speaker icon near her mentor’s name on LinkedIn and heard a warm voice introducing herself. It was now the name she kept practicing saying correctly over and over while she drove so she could make a good first impression: Julieta Piox. 

When she arrived at the meeting, before she had even shed her coat, Julieta was hugging her and Sarah’s doubts started to dissipate. 

“I was steadied by her warmth which I needed more than ever,” Sarah said. 

Julieta’s warmth is just one of her superskills that make her a quintessential example of how the TeamWomen mentor program can bring out the best in both mentor and mentee. 

Mentoring and leadership is in Julieta’s bones. Over her 22 years of experience, Julieta has built an extensive (and bilingual!) repertoire of leadership, coaching and training prowess that she consistently uses to lift and empower other women. 

As a leadership coach and professional speaker, Julieta knows the delicate balancing act required to juggle the demands of both a personal and professional life. Julieta helps women navigate this intersection with grace, confidence, and clarity. 

For Sarah, Julieta was a rock– keeping Sarah grounded and focused as she worked toward her goals– and a light– helping Sarah sift through the noise and silence the self-doubt. 

Julita introduced to Sarah a toolkit of goal setting, leadership skills, and overcoming obstacles. In between their official Mentor meetings, Julieta was the voice in Sarah’s head, championing her to persevere.

 The end result? Two empowered women who will continue to create ripples wherever the current takes them. 

Julieta has found joy and fulfillment throughout her career by mentoring women like Sarah. But with TeamWomen, she says, it’s different. It’s the reciprocal nature of the TeamWomen mentor/mentee relationship that sets this program apart from the rest. 

“While I provide guidance and support, I am constantly enriched by the unique perspectives and experiences Sarah brings to the conversation,” Julieta told TeamWomen. “Her resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to her goals inspires me to continually evolve and refine my own approach to coaching and leadership.”

Julieta, a Maxwell Leadership Certified entrepreneur is the founder of the Latina Youth Leadership Academy, a graduate from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota MBA program, the host of the podcast “My Best Life Now,” and a devoted wife and mother of two daughters. 

And to her auspicious resume, Julieta adds a ‘TeamWomen Mentor’ who adds value to and creates significant relationships with female leaders. 

“Mentoring has reaffirmed my commitment to empowering women in leadership roles,” Julieta said. “[Mentoring] has served as a reminder of the profound impact each of us can have in shaping the future of female leadership.”

And Sarah’s future? It’s bright. 

Sarah has an extensive background and a diversified resume including work in the nonprofit sector, higher education, Fortune 300 companies, and small business owners. Sarah is a talented connector with the ability to foster relationships and bring people together to solve problems. While she hasn’t officially arrived at ‘what’s next,’ with Julieta’s mentoring, Sarah’s journey forward has brought her unexpected joy, ease, and growth.

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