The Impact of TeamWomen's Mentor Program

Mentorship is a powerful tool for career growth and personal development. It opens doors to new perspectives, fuels inspiration, and empowers women with the support of another. At TeamWomen, we’re proud to have our Mentor Program as one of our key offerings. It is a 6 or 12-month, mentee-driven program. Not only does it help establish accountability for the mentee, but the program also provides flexibility for the participants to tailor our monthly topics and discussion to achieve their desired outcomes best. To date, we’ve paired 396 women through the TeamWomen Mentor Program!

The relationships formed are genuinely transformational. We have heard from various women about the impact the program and their mentor/mentee relationship has had on them, personally and professionally. One such transformative journey began in 2021 when Rachel, an experienced professional with over 30 years under her belt, was paired with Julie, a driven professional eager to expand her horizons.

With a rich history of leadership roles and a generous heart for mentoring, Rachel joined the TeamWomen community seeking an avenue to pay forward the mentorship gifts she had received throughout her career. The COVID-19 pandemic had shifted her work dynamics, pushing her into isolation. The TeamWomen Mentor Program provided a ray of hope and an avenue for meaningful, in-person connections. Rachel seized the opportunity and shared:

“Mentoring has had a deep personal and professional impact on me,” Rachel reflects. “On a personal level, it provided me the chance to positively influence someone else’s life. My mentee and I share our personal and professional stories, and the enriching exchange continues to deepen our bond. Professionally, mentoring has amplified my understanding of the struggles and aspirations of women in the STEM industry, helping me aid them more effectively in their career journeys.”

Meanwhile, Julie was at a crossroads in her professional journey. Introduced to the TeamWomen Mentor Program at a WITI event, she was drawn to the idea of gaining new perspectives outside her immediate industry. She joined the program hoping to find a mentor who could guide her toward fulfilling her career aspirations. Little did she know how significantly this decision would impact her life.

“Working with Rachel was a game-changer for me,” Julie shared. “Her selfless desire to help others inspired me to push beyond my limits. She helped me identify unproductive patterns in my work style and gave me fresh insights into my interactions with my colleagues. We set specific goals, tracked my progress, and constantly adjusted our approach, ensuring I was always moving in the right direction.”

The TeamWomen Mentor Program didn’t just shape Julie’s professional life; it added a new chapter to her personal life. Rachel and Julie’s mentor-mentee relationship blossomed into a deep friendship that continues to this day, long after the official mentorship program concluded.

This is just one example of the transformative power of the TeamWomen Mentor Program and a testament to the profound changes mentorship can inspire. 

We look forward to fostering more empowering relationships, helping women strengthen their confidence, hone their leadership skills, and boost their overall well-being. By continuously diversifying our programs and nurturing a culture of mentorship, we strive to be a trusted source for women navigating their personal and professional lives. Learn more about the TeamWomen Mentor Program and join an upcoming cohort here.


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