I have a lot to offer in terms of how to be successful as a black woman in America with children. You don’t often think about your own power, but I’m becoming more mindful about how the work I’m doing can help other young women who come after me.

Mercedes Jackson was having some growing pains. 

Mercedes has built a legacy for herself as a corporate finance attorney since she began her career in 2005.

A graduate of Yale Law School, Mercedes has spent the majority of her time interfacing and networking with fellow attorneys. 

“In my role as a finance attorney, I work with a lot of legal and lawyer-focused organizations. That’s where I spend the bulk of my time. I love lawyers. I work with lawyers,” Mercedes said. “But I needed a broader reach than just the lawyers I know in town.”

December of 2023 introduced a new passion project as Mercedes opened a family-owned business with her husband, and she found herself feeling the growing pains of reaching outside her comfort zone. She needed a broader reach outside of her expansive law circle. 

And then she found TeamWomen.

Mercedes has been a member of Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s Bizwomen Leadership Council for several years. It was where she first met TeamWomen Executive Director, Katy Burke. 

When Mercedes heard more about TeamWomen and the size of the group in the Twin Cities, she knew it was what she’d been looking for. 

The women who make up TeamWomen come from all walks of life in terms of career choices, trajectory, mentorship, and opportunities across different fields. The way TeamWomen gives back to the community was what resonated deeply with Mercedes. 

“It struck me as a place where I could do a lot of good and also connect with women who are doing something similar to what I’m doing– stretching to reach a new place in their career and life.”

Now she’s juggling both hats: one with her legal practice and as a partner at her firm, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., and the other as a black female business owner for her new company, PAR365

PAR365 combines state of the art golf simulation technology with a modern jazz lounge vibe. This fusion of “rhythm, swing, and soul” is Mercedes’ vision come to life. 

The idea for PAR365 was born out of COVID. What started as her husband’s golfing obsession eventually turned into a family affair. And while Mercedes herself isn’t an avid golfer, she quickly saw a need for a more inclusive environment.  

During the long Minnesota winters, Mercedes and her family would visit different golfing simulators around town. Most of them were heavily focused on the archetypal golfer– a middle-aged white male. 

And then the question took root in her mind: What if we created a place that wasn’t centered on your average golfer?

The rest is history. 

With bold art, color, and music, PAR365, a jazz and soul-themed golf simulator, is a gathering place for everyone. Some come for the food, some come for the bar, a lot come for the golf. 

Mercedes says she’s happy to be there. And she’s excited about where she can go. 

Part of Par365’s vision– their North Star, as Mercedes calls it– is bringing and introducing underserved populations to golf. 

Networking outside of her circle has always been a challenge, however. With a legal practice, family responsibilities, and the new business, her accessibility to other circles was slim. 

TeamWomen opened the door to meet and network with women of all ages and backgrounds. 

“I have a lot to offer in terms of how to be successful as a black woman in America with children,” Mercedes told TeamWomen. “You don’t often think about your own power, but I’m becoming more mindful about how the work I’m doing can help other young women who come after me.”

Mercedes says she’s ready and anxious to give back to TeamWomen through her new business venture. Her TW membership gives her the chance to rub shoulders with other strong women, and she’s optimistic about the many opportunities TeamWomen offers to do good.

Learn more about how to book an event at PAR365 here. For more information on how to become a member of TeamWomen, visit our membership page here

TeamWomen is a premier professional women’s non-profit organization deeply committed to developing future generations of women in leadership. Membership includes 600 women from the C-suite to young professionals who work in a variety of key industries including business, corporate, sports, and civic organizations. Each year, we inspire women to make meaningful connections and rise together through 40 leadership development events, mentoring, and youth empowerment.


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