Sarah Sundine: A Journey of Leadership and Impact at UMC

The spirit of TeamWomen thrives on a dedication to empowering the next generation of female leaders in society. Our bustling community boasts over 600 women members and reaches far across the spectrum including emerging professionals just getting their feet wet all the way up to seasoned C-suite executives. Covering civic, corporate, business, and sports roles, our members come into the leadership arena from all different walks of life. 

Our main objective at the TeamWomen 2024 Leadership Conference is to facilitate connections and cultivate strong bonds among professional women. With 40 leadership development events throughout the year as well as our Empower Leadership Academy and Team Women Mentor Program, we seek to engage our members consistently. 

This year marks the 13th anniversary of our TeamWomen Leadership Conference, which takes place on May 8th at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. As an all-day event, it has evolved into a pivotal gathering for hundreds of professional women to seek out inspiration and insights from other prominent females in the professional realm. 

We are very excited to announce that Chief Operating Officers at Ultra Machining Company (UMC) will make an appearance this year!

Sarah’s journey is notably a testament to her personal growth, but it is also a story about dedication, resilience, and the power of making a positive impact. Although she will not be a keynote speaker, Sarah will grace the stage to share her impactful experiences.

Her story begins with a solid foundation in education. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering, Sarah embarked on a career in Detroit as a Technical Service Manager for Dofasco USA. Driven by a pursuit of knowledge, she went on to earn a Master of Science in Engineering Management while still embracing life, getting married, and starting a family. 

After a pivotal period at Electrolux, she discovered her true passion beginning her new career. As a Quality Engineer with UMC. Over a 12-year professional journey with the company, she has reached her current position as the Integrator and COO. Due to her commitment to excellence, Sarah and the purpose-driven culture an UMC align perfectly. As an Integrator, Sarah works to ensure that all of UMC’s operations align with their central purpose – enhancing lives through manufacturing. 

Aside from work, Sarah is also an avid volunteer, using her vast skillset to benefit a variety of organizations which leaves a positive impact on people. Thanks to her multifaceted approach to leadership, her methods and ideas not only encompass the boardroom but also the broader community. 

At the TeamWomen 2024 Leadership Conference, Sarah’s story is set to impact and inspire attendees. Her participation at this year’s event underscores the importance of collaboration and mentorship. Attendees can anticipate a narrative that reaches far beyond the traditional career trajectory. This will be the story of a woman who found her passion, overcame challenges, and continues to make a positive impact on others through her leadership skills and volunteer efforts.

TeamWomen is a premier professional women’s non-profit organization deeply committed to developing future generations of women in leadership. Membership includes 600 women from the C-suite to young professionals who work in a variety of key industries including business, corporate, sports, and civic organizations. Each year, we inspire women to make meaningful connections and rise together through 40 leadership development events, mentoring, and youth empowerment.


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