Team Building at our Annual Conference

Professional development events like the TeamWomen 2023 Leadership Conference are not only beneficial for individual career growth but also serve as a great team bonding activity! Team building is essential for any organization, and our annual conference is an excellent opportunity for women to connect and collaborate with their colleagues while simultaneously honing their skills and advancing their careers.

Attending professional development events as a team provides a shared learning experience. Everyone is learning the same material and working towards a common goal, which creates a sense of unity and shared purpose among team members. This shared experience can be a great conversation starter and bonding opportunity, as colleagues can discuss what they learned and how they plan to apply it in their work. 

TeamWomen Tip: Studies show an icebreaker will help you have successful and energetic meetings! During the first five to ten minutes of your next meeting, ask everyone to share their most memorable takeaways from the conference.

Attending professional development events together provides your team an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This fosters more open and honest communication, stronger working relationships, and builds trust among team members.

TeamWomen Tip: After the conference, allow each team member to share one renewed focus or interest for the coming months. Having a built-in cheer squad and accountability team makes accomplishing our goals much easier! 

Learning new skills and gaining new knowledge can be energizing and inspiring! When team members are motivated and engaged, they are more likely to work collaboratively, support each other, and be productive. Attendees leave our annual conference feeling motivated and ready to engage in a new way, with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to one’s work.

TeamWomen Tip: We know business gets busy. Take advantage of this renewed sense of purpose and review your company mission, vision, and strategic goals with your team. 

The TeamWomen 2023 Leadership Conference includes ample opportunities to network with other professionals and organizations. This is a fun way for team members to bond outside their usual work setting and where natural conversation will occur, helping them learn more about each other. 

TeamWomen Tip: Providing opportunities for your team to network within your organization or with other professionals in your industry will benefit them personally and help your organization. Intentionally schedule a networking opportunity each quarter. 

By attending the TeamWomen 2023 Leadership Conference with your team, they can build stronger working relationships, support each other’s growth and development, and, ultimately, improve the success of your organization as a whole. Bring your team together for a fun-filled day with inspiring stories from influential women! Purchase a table or register your team, and don’t forget to purchase beads to play our Heads or Tails game – 3 beads give you 3 tries to win!


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