5 Tips for Networking at TeamWomen Events

Whether you’re new to our TeamWomen community or you consider yourself an expert at attending our events, we sometimes forget to make the most out of our time. We get caught up in taking notes and making sure we obtain every piece of information, and sometimes lose sight of our “why” for showing up in the first place.

The beauty in attending TeamWomen events is that no matter where you are in your personal or business journey, our events benefit everyone. You can be new to TeamWomen, or a long time friend, and you’ll have the same opportunities every other person in the room has to bond with other women and create meaningful connections.

To get the most out of our events, here are a few tips to support you in meeting your goals and support your “why” for showing up. 

Network in a way that you feel most comfortable.

If you’re comfortable walking up to strangers who are already connecting with others, do so. Take advantage of the opportunities that may arise. Every woman is there to bond with others, so walking up to a group that is already formed is not uncommon.

If taking a more solo approach works best for you, try planting yourself at a table near a traffic-heavy area of the room and people will start to introduce themselves to you.

For the more outgoing type, look for people standing by themselves at a table or along the wall.

Like we said before, everyone attending our networking events is there to meet others. If you don’t know where to go or whom to talk to, look for the women who are waiting for someone to walk up to them. They’ll appreciate that you took the first step.

Don’t overthink. Keep it simple.

There’s no need to have the perfect first line when meeting someone new. “Hi my name is…” is a great opener. Have a few simple back-up questions like “Have you been to a TeamWomen event before?” or “Are you a TeamWomen member?” to try and get a conversation started. Try not to talk about your work right away. That’ll come soon enough on its own. Make a personal connection when first meeting someone and let the conversation naturally flow.

Keep your conversations short.

The point of our networking events is to talk to and connect with as many women as possible, so don’t stay with anyone too long. Your max should be five to ten minutes. If you’re conversation is going really well with one person, invite them to join you in talking to a bigger group. 

If you’re in a bigger group, it can be easy to pivot your body to welcome others in or simply create eye contact with another. By doing so, you can move into the next closest group. No one will be offended that you didn’t say goodbye, especially if they’re in the middle of a conversation with someone else when you step away.

Focus on connecting, not selling.

Your goal is to make connections that you can follow up with after the event. Going into a sales pitch can feel inauthentic at times and most likely, those attending are not looking to buy at a networking event. Let the other person talk as much as possible. The more you learn about them, the stronger your connection, the more you will bond with one another and create a relationship.

When it comes to collecting or giving out business cards, do it thoughtfully. The goal is not to collect the most business cards or hand out all the cards you brought with you; it’s to give and receive from those you might want to talk to again. The women you truly connect with and see a future relationship with on one way or another are the ones to exchange with. 

Quick Tip: After you take someone’s card, write down something from the conversation on the back so that you can email her about it later. They will appreciate you remembering.

Most importantly, don’t forget to smile and have fun! Get out there, relax, shake hands and enjoy the experience. At TeamWomen events you’ll form new relationships, connect to a larger community, and be in an atmosphere of shared empowerment.


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