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May 18, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm CDT
$20 – $30
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How to Find Work-Life Balance in the Middle of the Storm

May 18, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm CDT - $20 – $30


Looking to dive further into professional topics of interest? Join our small group format for facilitated reflection, skill building, and peer-to-peer learning.

An eye-popping 865,000 women left the U.S. workforce in September 2020 — four times more than men (Bureau of Labor Statistics). One in four more are considering scaling back or quitting (McKinsey & Company). While 66% of caregivers are female, they spend 20 hours more per week than men on housework and caregiving. Even more difficult: black and minority women have been hit 26 times harder by the COVID-19 jobs crisis.

The struggle to juggle is REAL! So are the career and financial implications for you. Done by the seat of your pants, caregiving could cost you a 39% pay penalty at work (Institute for Women’s Policy Research), 41% higher healthcare costs (Gallup Economics of Wellbeing), and a host of other challenges.

Ugh. Ugh. UGH! Believe it or not, there is hope! You are not alone. One of the world’s leading voices on women and work, Cat Breet, will share her personal experience and insights after helping 105,000 other women make critical career decisions, while getting more money, freedom, and even some fun out of work.

If you’re a working woman who feels like you’re holding it all together with a paper clip … and thinks that work-life balance is a pipe dream … then this is the event for you! Cat will help you find a little more balance between your dreams and your reality. She’ll help you make the right choices, right now.

Cat knows what you’re going through. She had 2 babies in diapers when her dad had a massive stroke. He and her bedridden mother moved in with her. Completely overwhelmed, she thought her only choice was to quit her job. She was wrong. There is A WAY to find more balance in your life! Join us for a personal, honest, and inspiring conversation as Cat talks about the 12 little ways she finally found balance in her life. Plus, she’ll walk you through a helpful priority-picking exercise that will make your decisions so much easier.

You will learn:

    • Is work-life balance really possible?
    • How to pick and stick to your priorities at work and home
    • How to make the right choices, right now, for you and your family
    • Live Q&A and breakouts

You will get:

    • A bucket full of inspiration
    • Answers to your most critical and scary questions
    • Cat Breet’s “Career Crunch? Work-Life Balance: Possible!” workbook

Join us! And bring some friends for the grace, support, and laughter you so badly need right now.

Cat Breet

A zebra can’t change its stripes, but you sure can! It takes just a few brave steps to stand out from the herd … and get more money, freedom, and fun out of your career (and life). Cat Breet is a master at helping women do all of that!

When she was 24, she found out she was getting paid 25% less than a coworker (fellow recruiter) … and was CRUSHED. She almost quit. She spent many weeks angry, hurt, sad, etc. Then one day, she woke up and realized that she had a choice: 1) Stay in that place, waiting for someone … anyone … to discover how awesome she was (and blaming everyone else for her misfortune), or 2) Stand up and go get what she wanted and deserved. Thank goodness, she chose #2. Two years later, she was promoted, TRIPLED her income, AND got 6 weeks of paid vacation. She was just 26 years old, making $112,000.

Since then, she has been a little obsessed with giving other women the tools and inspiration they need to get more money, freedom, and fun out of work.

Twenty years later, she absolutely loves what she does for a living. She is living debt-free. She owns two homes. She works when she wants, where she wants. You can do the same! But it won’t just land in your lap. If you’re willing to stand up and take the first step, Cat will show you how to get there.

Cat is the proud mom of two strapping young lads, a happy wife of a guy she’d pick all over again (partly because he’s got an AWESOME mom), and a darned good parallel parker. Oh, and by the way … she owns a zebra. His name is Joe.

Catch her LinkedIn Live show on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9/8c.


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