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Who is in control of your life? The answer is, of course, you! Though many of us feel we are not. When we bump up against problems, and differences of opinion, life can start to feel full of frustration. This can cause us to connect with our inner fears, and then we may begin to worry our lives will not turn out like we dream.

What if we could flip…

Would that make a significant impact on life? This talk focuses on how powerful we are!

Key takeaways:


Amy Theisen

Amy Theisen comes to Metaphysics from a background in microbiology, technology, and distance learning.

Her early career was spent at the University of Minnesota, where she won the equivalent of an Emmy for Science Teaching and Education while being the Director of Distance Learning for the Bell Museum of Natural History.

After a rather significant career shift in 2007, she now guides her clients to design their life destinies authentically and in harmony with the
world. She connects with the hidden physical and spiritual support systems that are all around us and leverages them to bring in quantum levels of success. This, in turn, brings more happiness, harmony, and joy to life.

Amy holds master’s degrees from the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia including:


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