We couldn’t be more grateful for the generous support from our sponsors, and this week, we want to highlight Eide Bailly who is a TeamWomen Bronze Sponsor!

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By embracing change and focusing on innovative ideas, Eide Bailly has grown along with its clients to become one of the top 25 accounting firms in the nation. Find out what drew Eide Bailly to sponsoring us, as well as the initiatives they’re implementing to improve the advancement of women.

What drew you to sponsoring TeamWomen?

Eide Bailly believes in empowering and providing opportunities for all staff. Providing specific opportunities for networking and education for women is especially important. We encourage all staff to participate in organizations that inspire and motivate them. Sponsoring and attending TeamWomen events allow us to support an organization whose values align with ours, and it provides an additional opportunity for our staff to become involved with an organization that focuses on women’s success and growth. TeamWomen believes that we need more women in leadership, and they work to make this happen by providing leadership skills, mentoring, and support to women around the Twin Cities. Eide Bailly is honored to be a supporter of TeamWomen!

What experiences within Eide Bailly do you provide specifically for women?

Eide Bailly has an ongoing-staff moral boosting initiative for women; this initiative is referred to as First Focus. This group was set forth to improve the advancement of women as directed in the Firm’s Strategic Plan. The Committee defines this as enabling the retention of identified future female leaders; focusing on both retention and advancement for high performing females; and ensuring career opportunities for women that parallel those of men in the Firm. One portion of the Initiative is the Focus Forums. The Focus Forums’ target audience is female senior associates and first-year managers whose work focus is assurance, tax, and business consulting. Forums occur in a 5-session sequence held every 6 to 8 weeks. Attendance is voluntary but strongly recommended. Simple pre-work may be expected. Ground rules stress that the session is a safe zone and discussion during the session is confidential. What is shared with others outside the Forums is a broad summary of the outcomes and “ah-ha” moments. An additional program is provided for female managers and senior managers with 2-plus years of experience in the Firm and who have the potential and desire to serve in leadership roles in the Firm; this program is referred to as the Women’s Leadership Boot Camp. This 3-day program has multiple outcomes, some of which are as follows:

The women of our Firm attend many other great women-focused conferences and events throughout the year. Some being TeamWomen’s Leadership Conference, Women in Business conferences throughout the Twin Cities, and Minneapolis Women’s Leadership Summit.

What are 3 things (serious or fun) that separate you from other companies within your industry?

As a top 25 CPA firm in the nation, Eide Bailly has a lot to offer its employees. Good benefit packages, rewarding careers, and competitive pay is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the Firm has to offer their employees.

We feel the things that set us apart from other companies within our industry are our culture, the trusted business advisor relationship we have with our clients, and the team environment we build within. With a strong culture that highlights trust, support, respect, and integrity, Eide Bailly truly supports its employees’ careers and goals.

How is Eide Bailly persevering during this time of change?

The last several weeks and months have been uncharted territory for so many – for our staff and for our clients. We continue to create meaningful and useful content for our clients and the public to ensure they stay educated on important topics during this time.

To learn more about Eide Bailly, visit their website.