I have written a lot about how important it is to build meaningful relationships and value your people. This is the secret to long-term employee (people) retention and loyalty, to strengthen your understanding of basic human behavior and emotional intelligence.

Instilling confidence, your employees and team will feel valued and powerful in what they bring to the team and organization. Pointing out one’s strength, complimenting an employee, creating a vision and hope for your organization and valuing their role seems simple. It’s not, this is missing in many if not most organizations, teams, and companies. In working with executives, I remind them that there’s a reason they’re sitting in that chair. They are very good at what they do. Our goal is to go from very good to great! Have confidence in yourself first! No one can ever take that away from you. 

Women are remarkably strong individuals who have the capability to battle adversity and conquer the world, but it it their own self-confidence that brings them down more times than not. One’s negative self talk questions actions, appearance, and doubts self-worth no matter how successful or powerful they are. The negative self talk gets so loud it can bring one to their knees. Instead, stay true to yourself, stay strong to your values, believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who will propel you to greater heights.

Keep a confident and positive outlook on your life, family, career, friends, your purpose and your value. Acknowledge your employees and their meaningful roles in the organization. This provides fulfillment and a sense of purpose beyond their jobs. I’m working with a couple of executives who are very results-driven, successful, and have high expectations of their employees. It’s difficult for them to give praise and positive reinforcement. Their response is – “it’s their job, why do I need to tell them how well they’re doing – it’s expected. They’re just soft.” If you praise your people and your teams on a daily basis, you will instill confidence in them over and over and over.

The ideal praise to criticism is five positive comments for every negative one. When dealing with kids it’s nine positive comments for every negative one. Are you instilling confidence in people and teams on a daily basis? Look around – are your people happy, feel valued, and are your retention rates high? Are people loyal to you and your organization? If not, take a step back and the problem might be you.

First and foremost, all leaders and business managers should take steps to build trust, confidence, loyalty, and goodwill among all their people and employees. This will lead the organization on a path of long-term success.
 If your people like and respect what you’re doing, they will care about your success and the organizations. For overall growth and sustainability of the organization, it is important to value your people and build confidence. 

MANY relationships suffer and so does leadership performance in many organizations. While some of your people and teams are happy only because they have jobs, many are stressed, exhausted and say that something is missing. Don’t ignore your people, but value them and provide proper feedback.

Making sure your people are motivated and happy by valuing them is very simple. It’s important to invest in personal development of your employees. This is the best way to make sure that people and teams are satisfied and will remain loyal.Check yourself on the following:

1. Are you engaging with your players, employees and team at all levels? Regular contact is necessary to keep them motivated and their confidence high.

2. Are you motivating and making everyone from top to bottom feel valued as part of the team and organization?

3. Are you making everyone feel part of the team? Listen to their ideas, feelings and opinions.

4. Are you giving regular feedback? (5 to 1)

5. Are you making an investment in your professional development? Are you developing people on a daily basis?

6. Are you showing appreciation to people and your team on a daily basis? A simple “Thank You”, “Great Job”, or “I don’t know what we would do without you” go a long way.

Instilling confidence in your people and teams will provide a healthier culture, better retention, and more profitable bottom line.

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