By Martha Grant | TeamWomen Member | Product Manager at The Action Network

TeamWomen members and guests have an opportunity on April 9th to hear from a fantastic local and global marketing leader. Remi Kent is the visionary marketer for (arguably) Minnesota’s most famous inventions, the Post-it® and Scotch™ brands.

As the Global Post-it® and Scotch™ Brand Business Director at 3M, Remi does much more than hype these classic products. She identifies new markets and develops new approaches — as well as new product lines — that fill unmet needs from R+D through launch.

One example? The rise of Post-it® Extreme Notes, which can survive anything you throw at them. She identified the unmet need for written communication in extreme workplaces — from kitchens to construction sites. And she developed a product and a launch that people loved. From trade shows to micro-influencers to online and offline advertising, word of Extreme Notes got out, and it’s become a staple in people’s workplaces and lives.

Forbes and Entrepreneur identified her work as a classic example of putting the customer and their needs first, while creating a win for 3M that fit with the brands’ vision, past and future.

We can’t wait to hear about her rise in becoming the creative and powerful global leader she is today as she fills us in on her leadership story on April 9th.

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