By Martha Grant | TeamWomen Member | Product Manager at The Action Network

Gloria Perez knows what women are capable of — she runs Jeremiah Program, a national nonprofit working with young single mothers to help them improve their lives and those of their children. She is changing the world two generations at a time.

As a new mom myself, I am in awe of what the women who have gone through Jeremiah have accomplished.

So, what’s the secret to the program? Thankfully, Gloria Perez is happy to share!

How do you approach the work of transforming these young women’s lives?

Jeremiah Program believes that change occurs from the inside out. And for single moms, with the stability of housing and the support to look within, the desired transformation from poverty to prosperity can happen. Jeremiah Program partners with women who are willing to invest in themselves and the future of their children.

What’s the most important lesson any woman could take away from your approach at Jeremiah?

There are so many important lessons in the Jeremiah approach, but first and foremost is the tenant that all people have a birthright — we are all important, lovable and valuable. When we connect to our core value, anything is possible.

How can we be better role models to younger women?

I think we can be better role models to women by showing our vulnerability and resiliency in the face of change. The world is becoming increasingly complex, and the skills, capabilities and tools needed for the future may not be known to those of us that have more seasoned careers. That said, if we can role-model vulnerability, curiosity, a willingness to learn and be flexible, that should give younger women the confidence to be their best without the fear of failure.

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