We’re excited to shine a light on our valued partner, Preferred Speakers, who will be presenting our virtual event on October 7th, “Motivating Change in Three Little Words” with Ashley Rhodes-Courter! Preferred Speakers books celebrity entertainers and inspirational keynote speakers who offer presentations on leadership, change, motivation, business, and more for meetings, conferences, and conventions. Hear from Sheila Harris, Owner and Principal, on how the company supports women professionally and personally, how they’ve persevered during this time of change, and what drew them to partnering with TeamWomen.

What drew you to partnering with TeamWomen?

I first learned about TeamWomen through my sister, Katy Burke, who works with the organization. From there, I knew it was an organization I wanted to be more involved with. Bringing women together by inspiring them with a powerful, impactful message and speaker is what Preferred Speakers is all about.

How does Preferred Speakers support other women around them, professionally and personally?

I’ve grown up around strong women, not to mention being raised by one of the best. My mom raised 6 children, partnered with my dad to buy Preferred Speakers, and simultaneously started an independent meeting planning business from the kitchen table. She taught us everything we know.

Now, as a business owner myself, I see first-hand the impact a speaker can have and the value of a meaningful event. Women supporting women is where the good stuff happens and I’m here for it, doing what I can to raise the profile of our many female speakers to get their messages into the world.

What does success mean to your company?

Success looks different to everyone, but ultimately it’s about doing good work that offers meaning and purpose, serving others, and making a fair living. For me, it’s about the balance between work and life, while fueling my strong sense of curiosity, care for my family, and having fun along the way. What is life without a giant dose of humor!

How has Preferred Speakers persevered during this time of change?

There is no question the pandemic was hard, especially for those in the events business. The very nature of what we do changed in an instant. But the benefit of being in business for a while is an ability to understand the nature of change and persevere. Hard and scary things happen, and we’ve managed to weather the storm — and ultimately, come out better on the other side of hardship. We are learning and growing and that will always be important, no matter what the circumstances. The key is remembering that this too shall pass. Instead of panicking, you plan. And let’s be honest … we still panic a little!

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