In business, as in life, there’s nothing more permanent than change. These are times of speed and split second decisions in business. This level of change can be fearful – exhilarating to others. One thing for sure is the world operates bigger, faster and stronger.

Do you have the ability to get others to follow? Are you a leader who can inspire others and they will “jump in your boat?” Sharing your vision, being authentic, and credible – people will be drawn to YOU and your vision.

As a long time coach in athletics, executives are beginning to realize learning from successful coaches was not only intriguing, it is an incredible experience.

Coaches take a group of kids and get them to perform and excel in high pressure, hyper speed, and time constrained situations during competition. That’s what business is – speed, change, and decision making under pressure.

Pulling high performance from a team of employees brings about similar challenges and experiences, especially working in an environment where you are motivating different generations with a high percentage being millennials.  Employers are recruiting and trying to attract younger employees who are more experienced with a platform and bringing an incredible skill set to the table.

From decades of coaching, I focused on six core values with my teams and athletes that I currently use coaching executives. It comes from practical experience, it works and it’s an incredible experience for high-level leaders.

  1. Personal Power: Influence and success. As a leader, do you have the personal power to influence others? Who is jumping in your boat and following your vision and passion? Look around is anyone following?
  2. Achievement: What are your goals, results and accomplishments? How do you measure success? What are your “wins” daily, weekly, and in your life?
  3. Intimacy: Part of emotional intelligence is a leaders ability to develop and manage meaningful relationships. What is your communication style, openness and genuineness as a leader. How do you build trust with your board, staff, employees and customers?
  4. Play and CreativityInnovation and forward thinking. What gives you energy during the day? What is your workday like? How do you express yourself?
  5. Search for Meaning: What is your purpose and are you looking for more meaning in your life? What does a meaningful life look like? Clarify your values, align your strengths with values and come up with a vision and purpose.
  6. Compassion and Contribution: What will your legacy be and what mark will you leave in this world? Connect with people – their energy and passions.

As a leader you have a lot of talent that may not be quite as seasoned in the workplace. They have the skill set and a lot to contribute, but not a lot of experience. Successful leaders are always looking for ways to ensure they are being the right leader for their team.

Personal power is internal. It is what you have inside and what you can create with your own resources. It includes your social and emotional intelligence, your ability to communicate effectively and to reason. It’s also the ability to manage your emotions, of others and groups.

Personal Power is learned through experience and support. I challenge you, as a coach should, to choose two of the six core values and focus on taking these to the Next Level.

Pam Borton is CEO of Pam Borton Partners, a coaching and consulting firm based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul. She has an extensive background in the sports industry as a head basketball coach in major college athletics and has an advanced certification in personal and executive coaching. Always a coach, but also an entrepreneur, and business leader, she applies real life experiences, lessons learned in athletics with her teams and business with her clients and key stakeholders. Co-Founder of TeamWomenMN and Founder of LSWAG.